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Trava Finance

1st Anniversary

One year of innovation, connection, and growth

Special thanks for your companionship.

Things go ups and downs. But, whatever happens, we will continuously believe and strive for a better version of Trava Finance.


You in the Trava Ecosystem

Let's take a look at your journey with Trava


Trava Birthday Feast

Enjoy the contest while digging deep into the Trava Ecosystem and earning rewards at the same time

For more details: CLICK HERE


Seven tasks for optional

3M TRAVA in total for the best participants

The more tasks you complete, the more chance to win the prizes

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Join our upcoming special - meeting

A close conversation for rewinding and looking forward to the future ahead


Milestone and Achievement

The world's first decentralized marketplace for cross-chain lending and user-owned lending pools

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Trava Community


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Trava Finance on Press

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Dr. Minh Nguyen

CEO & Co-founder

In one year since the listing on Pancakeswap, Trava Finance has received a lot of love from the user community. There were times of success and, of course, challenges also, but above all, the trust and encouragement from users have brought great motivation to the Trava Finance ecosystem development team.

We will continue to create unique products with the highest technical quality to benefit users. Creating real-world blockchain applications will be our main goal in the next bull market.

We are taking steps to prepare the best for that upcoming time and looking forward to receiving more support from the community in the 2nd year of Trava Finance's operation.

Sincerely thank you all!

CEO Minh
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